Admission examination

The date of the examination will be set after the collection of application forms.


The form of the presentation will be a connection via Zoom. The students will receive the link to join Zoom session by the email. During admission session, they will share their presentation as they will be called from the waiting room.

If you miss the time of your presentation, please, stay in the waiting room. You will be invited to present later as the schedule allows.


The presentations will last 8 minutes (strictly), with the plus time for short comments or questions of the members of the committee. Therefore, observe the following recommended presentation points:

  • Main slides (4 - 5): Present the results of your Master thesis or annual project, repectively. Briefly explain the issue, your role, what you specifically did on the topic, without technical details. Just summarize results, what it meant to do...
  • Last slide: 1. Title of PhD theme; 2. Short list of your published papers or finished MSc thesis, attended schools or conferences; 3. Under which topic/grant the PhD thesis will be developed at the Institute of Physics (fill with the supervisor)

There is no need to read the Last slide, it will stay on the shared screen and the committee can immediately start discussion. Please focus on the main slides.