Disordered Metastable Metallic Systems Prepared by Rapid Quenching


Department of Metal Physics



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aluminum based high-strength materials
soft and hard magnetic materials with outstanding properties
brazing foils for high temperature alloys
brazing foils for stainless steels
active brazing foils for joining ceramics
special alloys with increased miscibility interval
giant magnetoresistance materials

5kW low-loss (<3W/kg) high frequency pulse trans-
former for switching power supplies and DC/DC
converters; core from nanocrystalline ribbon
          Strain gauge for civil engineering applications
based on amorphous metallic ribbons with
outstanding magnetoelastic properties

Selected current industrial exploitation:

cores for switching-mode power supplies
screening foils for multiple phototubes (HADES-DESY)
screening foils for TEM columns
active brazing foils for surge protectors
nickel brazing foils for aircraft turbine blades
chokes for high-frequency applications
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